Vision & Mission

Our Vision




God has called this ministry to:-

  • create a BIRTHING environment for the children of the Kingdom of heaven.
  • NURTURE these children to develop to the true stature of the sons of the Kingdom.
  • COMMISSION these sons for their Inheritance as the stewards together with the Master.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an apostolic and prophetic atmosphere in different regions through intense teaching of the word of God and engaging in wholistic worship with clear target of diversity of all nationalities, races and tribes bringing them to the fulfillment of our vision which is Developing sons for kingdom inheritance.


Explanation of Vision

Birthing is a process that gives origination of something.  It is responsible for bringing forth newness, and marks the emergence of the same, yet re-energized species.

Birthing enhances generations, thus multiplication and continuance of the genetic makeup of the origin parent.  The Master makes a profound statement to Nicodemus, “Verily verily I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.”

This ministry, with the realization of the above, has trusted the Master or Parent source of all to ignite and provoke new births in an endeavor to preserve the genetic makeup of the Kingdom of the King and Lord Jesus Christ. It has been equipped by the Master with the right tools, equipment, and necessary environment for the process which not only ensures healthy incubation, but also healthy delivery of Kingdom seeds and children.

In our contemporary dispensation, it is evident that the majority of children born in the Kingdom today have minimal growth and development, and Galatians 4:1 shows the dangers of such kind.  This ministry is committed to giving a nurturing approach to this children through the teachings of the Word of God, and engaging in the heartbeat of worship.  We believe that this approach has the ability to develop children into sons and as a result the Master is prompted to commission these sons for their inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ as ambassadors of the Kingdom.  The Master then begins to rule through these sons, which as a result expands the Kingdom of heaven.  This is the priesthood in the new order of Melchizedek which operates in three dimensions; prophetically, governmentally and militantly Hebrews 7:20-21.