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2017 Word from the Pastor

Kingdom Manifestation Through Reconciliation

This year has started with a great revelation which helps us to understand that the ultimate goal of the cross is the ministry of reconciliation.

According to Paul’s letter to Corinthians, this ministry of reconciliation is the foundation of being approved as an ambassador. This ambassadorship means that one is endowed with authority of representation of the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

Consequently, this principal of representation gives one a capacity to be given an assignment as either a priestly or a prophetic intercessor or both. Intercession brings reconciliation. Imitating Christ in reconciliation by being like him reconciling the world to him, is a high level of maturity in the life of a believer.

May we capture the heart of the Holy Spirit as we continue in 2017 so that our assignment in reconciliation may be established. God bless us as we continue.

Pastor Francis Maina

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